Amazon`s The Pack – Listing 2


icon - dog bone 350 bones
1 Beds | 0 Baths | 50 Sqft
150 Paw Print Place

Puppy Paw-lour

Feast your eyes on “The Paw-lour,” a charming green cottage with everything a goodest boy and girl needs for entertaining fur-friends. Fully furnished with plush orthopedic bedding, this south-facing property is spacious enough for puppy parties, with a treat slot and bonus fire hydrant cookie jar. There’s not just one, but TWO gold-plated water bowls, both easily accessible from the front or back entrance. This well-maintained home also features a play bin full of toys and a yard surrounded by lush plants and flowers.

If you’re a party pooch, this is the property for you! Contact Rashida Banks today for more information.


Influencer - Rashida Banks - Puppy 'Paw'lor

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Icon - Puppy + The Pack is happy to team up with Amazon Prime Video in celebration of the upcoming new Amazon Original competition series, The Pack. The 10-episode, global unscripted series celebrates the unrivaled bond between dogs and their human companions. The Pack premieres on November 20, and can be found on Prime Video exclusively for Prime members.